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Exterior Detailing

An exterior detailing service is a deep, quality, exterior wash that makes your car look brand new! We use paint decontamination, clay bar, and iron fall out remover to ensure a quality clean and detail service! 

We utilize paint decontamination, clay bar service and iron fall out remover to remove impurities from the clear coat pores of the paint to give a fresh and clean surface to start the paint correction or ceramic coating service.

What is a Clay bar service?
A clay/putty bar is used after the exterior wash of the vehicle to peel off embedded dirt from the pores of your vehicles clear coat leaving a slick finish.

What is Iron fall out remover? 
It is a chemical scientifically engineered to remove brake dust and rail dust from the pores of the clear coat. This service is used in addition to the clay bar to remove any containments that the clay bar may not be able to remove.

Interior Detailing

An interior detailing service makes the inside of your car look and feel brand new! We get into every nook and cranny of your car to remove any dirt, debris, or odor that may be lingering. Contact us today to schedule your interior detailing service. 

Ceramic Coating 

Ceramic coating, also called nano-coating, is a liquid polymer which bonds to the surface of your car, creating a long-term protective layer on top of your paint. It is hard, thick, and transparent, similar to the appearance of glass, that semi-permanently attaches to your car’s paint. The thickness of the coating gives the car a deep gloss appearance. Unlike traditional waxes and spray waxes ceramic coating last for years not months. It is applied by hand to the exterior of your car, covering it entirely, and is installed by a trained Surface Specialist.

Paint Correction

Paint correction is the art of removing any surface scratches on your cars paintwork to ensure it is as perfect as possible. Is the polishing of the painted surfaces to remove most pesky swirls, wash marks and scratches. Then finished with a finishing polish to enhance the gloss and shine of the vehicle.

Boat Detailing

Boats take on harsh conditions that can dull fiberglass, dim the shine of metal, fade paint over time. Storing your boat for the winter can also be harsh for your boat. Davis Auto Detailing takes great pride in extending the life of your boat's exterior. 

RV Detailing

Davis Auto Detailing will proudly detail your RV to get it ready for your next adventure! No matter the size of your RV, getting it detailed can make a huge difference in how you feel riding in it. Allow us to make your next road trip perfect with a quality detailing service! 

We believe the greatest compliment is a customer referral. That's why we provide all customers with the absolute best service and highest quality work, at fair and competitive prices.

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Company Policy

30% non-refundable deposits for all bookings, when you book your appointment with the exception of an 50% non-refundable deposit for booking of paint correction and ceramic coating services.

Please make sure to READ CAREFULLY and choose the right package that fits your vehicles conditions, due to not all packages providing the same services. (e.g. The trunk is only included in the full detail packages, unless requested upon scheduling).

Davis Auto Detailing's core beliefs are "IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED, THEN YOU CHOSE THE WRONG PACKAGE".

Once the estimate is given, we will send it to you via email or text and you can pay the deposit via Venmo or through the online invoice link.

SALES TAX will be applied to the final price.

***Travel Fee first 25 miles free $2 per mile beyond that***

Prices CAN INCREASE as well as TERMINATING any services that have been scheduled DEPENDING on the CONDITION of the vehicle, this includes MAINTENANCE customers as well at the technician's discretion. You will be notified if an extra charge is needed to be added. If we receive no response, we will complete the task, but the fee will be added on to the invoice that will be sent to be paid.

If your vehicle has pet hair or pet's bodily fluids there will be an added fee to the price given in the amount of $40-$150 that will be automatically applied to your bill depending on how severe, pet hair is very hard to remove, it takes skill and extra time.

Due to COVID and other viral infectious diseases (Monkey Pox), please notify the technician if there have been any sick or unsanitary occurrences that have taken place inside the vehicle at any time, so that proper decontaminating procedures can take place.

Also, human bodily fluids (Vomit, urine, blood, etc.) will be an added charge as well. Extra price depends on severity of the circumstances.

When you book your appointment i will need the following:
Full Name:
Vehicle Type (Make/Model):
Services needed:
Special Request (if any):
Cell phone number:
Location for service:
Email address(that you check often):

If you are a maintenance customer I expect a high-level standard of cleanliness, that will be required of your vehicle after the first initial detail prep for the ongoing maintenance program services. After one-two months if your vehicle does not meet the maintenance standard you will be advised to get your vehicle cleaned every two weeks, or there will be an increase on your monthly service.

The high-level cleanliness standard consists of all belongings and trash removed from vehicle before the maintenance service (Including trunk). Due to items not being removed Davis Auto Detailing will not clean any trunks, middle console, glove boxes, cup holders or door pocket if any items are stored due to our company not responsible for any items being misplaced or damaged.

Our company is not liable for anything that is an accessory inside the vehicle that gets damaged upon services. (Air fresheners, phone mounts, accessories hanging from the mirrors, and items inside the vehicle that has not been removed before services)

Some of our services may include cleaning of the engine bay and components. Our company is not responsible for any damages or temporary issues that may occur during the services provided.

Our company is held at a high standard and our 5-star rating is a reflection of how our business is executed. Our goal is to take care of each of our customers' needs as well as maintain the increased value of each vehicle we service.

If anyone have any questions or concerns about our new company policy, feel free to contact Javontae Davis at 910-514-7460 or javontae@Davisautodetailingllc.com

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